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The Value of Values ® is a simple and enjoyable game that helps children and adults to evaluate and prioritize their personal and shared values in a safe and supportive environment. It allows players to develop an understanding of their personal and shared values which give significance to their actions and relationships and enables them to pursue their goals in a meaningful and purposeful way.

The Value of Values ® was developed by Simon Dolan and Avishai Landau and is based upon the work of leading academics and researchers. It applies the research and findings of the best-selling books like  “Managing By Values”  and “Coaching by values”  written by Prof. Simon Dolan.

This game provides an accessible and enjoyable method for understanding the role of values in daily life. The game is suitable for all ages. It can be used by children, parents, grandparents, educators, counselors, coaches, therapists, managers in organizations, and everyone who appreciates the vital importance of values in the world around us.

This game is recommended for:

  • Children aged 6 – 15 Adults working with children
  • parents, grandparents and professionals
  • Individual or group activities