Juego El Valor de los Valores

Una herramienta divertida que ayuda a los niños y adultos a identificar, jerarquizar y alinear sus valores personales y compartidos en un entorno propicio a la reflexión.

The value of values

A fun tool that helps children and adults identify, rank and align their personal and shared values in an environment conducive to reflection.


The main tool

The game The Value of Values is the main tool of the Zinquo Methodology, in which the Triaxial Model 3E by Simon Dolan is embodied.

The game was developed by Simon Dolan and Avishai Landau, who were based on academic research and studies.

In it, the conclusions and discoveries presented in Management by Values and Coaching by Values, books written by Professor Dolan, are applied.

The objective

An easy and fun way to implement the Methodology

As the game is played, players reconsider about their values and how these are present in their way of relating to the world.

In short, The Value of Values provides an easy and fun method that allows us to understand the role of values in everyday life. Hence, it addresses a wide variety of audiences: children, parents, grandparents, educators, coaches, therapists, managers, organizations, or anyone who appreciates the vital importance of values in the world around us.


This is what you will get by using the game



The Value of Values is a flexible tool

It allows you to identify, rank and align values in different areas. This is the reason why from Zinquo we progressively introduce new methods and training with which to apply the game in different areas

Currently, The Value of Values is being used in education, team cohesion, to identify Values in the Coaching or therapy processes or in the field of leadership to help leaders and organizations identify their core values and the associated 3E Triaxial Model.