Scholar & Researcher

Prof. Dolan has taught at some of the leading business schools of the world: Minnesota, Boston and Colorado in the U.S., Montreal and McGill in Canada, ESSEC and HEC in France, and Pompeu Fabra and ESADE (in Spain).. In addition he was a visiting professors at universities around the globe in the middle East, in other countries in Europe, in many latin American university and in China, Singapure and Japan.

Book Writer

Prof. Dolan has written (co authored and re wrote various editions) 75 books and 3 more books are in preparation and be published before 2021. As he speaks 7 languages, you may notice some of his books in French, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, German in addition to English. The thematic content of the books varies from traditional textbooks for University students, such as in HRM, OB, work psychology and Cross Cultural Competences, to a host of professional and self help books that some became “bestselling” (Managing by values, Coaching by Values, Stress, Self-Esteem, Health and Work, to name a few). As a scholar, he has published over 150 papers in scientific Journals, and has presented over 250 conferences in scientific meetings.

Visionary, Utopist & Modern Quijote

Based on years of Research, Prof Dolan conclusion is that the World is in the process of transformation, and neither the corporations nor the traditional academic institutions are really prepared for it. The new VUCA landscape requires risky innovations and fundamental shift in mindset for all actors who are part of the World of Work (Government, Corporations, unions, Universities, and of course future employees). Thus, he has co-written about it books and articles (i.e. Beyond: society and corporations in transformation, or Cyberness: The future reinvented, and many other papers published in The European Business Review.

He has decided to co create a Global Future of Work foundation, a thinktank, and developed  initiatives to help all actors prepare better for the new landscape of Work.
In addition to preparing a bi annual summit, the foundation prepares original training, publish a series of books about the future of work, and engage in other breakthrough initiatives. He also co-created eMerit academy. It is a new way to develop executives and prepare them for the new world of work.

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